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Post by StuartCares on Tue Oct 20, 2015 1:30 pm

10.20.2015: Using forums is actually new to me but figured it was worth getting into forums in an attempt to save what we have left as a family.  The thing is... at this time Dad basically hates all of his children and all we did was our best to simply be alive and survive in this world.  That has gotten us to where we are now... all 3 of us are being accused of being horrible people and we lie and steal.  The sad part of all this is that we as the children have no clue what this means as getting the answers and the truth behind these accusations has been impossible.  So... to start off I'd like to seek the truth behind all of these accusations in an attempt to get everybody on the same page.  This may not work but if we don't try we won't ever know and in turn never truly be a family again.  

Let's be honest... things will never be as they were but I'm hoping we can try for something new or at least better than what we have now.  

I'm going to make an attempt at listing below some of the crazy accusations that have been going back and forth.  This is in no way my being evil or mean however there will be some topics that we simply won't like but at least the topics that we discuss can be talked about over a forum rather than over a phone...  way too many times while talking to dad I've heard him say things that are unforgivable and I just can't handle it and so I hang up the phone... I too have been hung up on multiple occasions by dad most likely due to the same thing on his side.

The goal in listing out these topics in a forum based atmosphere is so that we can get to the truth.


Quick Books:  Dad claims Sheryl stole quick book software.  Dad claims to have called Quick Books and they claimed that dad can't use quick books because Sheryl is using it.  What number was called?  And how did this person at Quick Books claim that it was being used in Phoenix?  Sheryl doesn't even live in Phoenix and she has her own Quick Books account so why would she even need dads? (Open a new Topic Thread should we try to get to the bottom of this).

Last Thanksgiving: Dad claims that the incident was pre-planned and that his three children planned to sabotage the holiday.  Well... that certainly isn't true. We aren't in the spy business and we would rather have a happy family than what we have now.  Planning on sabotaging the holiday family event we were all looking forward to having and getting a chance to see each other was the last thing on our minds.  (Open a new Topic Thread about this if you would like to get to bottom of this).

Well... I know there are plenty of other topics... but I'm just going to start with the two I had on my mind today.. being that this is the only things I could even talk about on the phone with dad this morning.

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